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Cal vol.3 2015年 05月号P48掲載商品

2015/3/30発売のCal vol.3 2015年 05月号にMAGIC NUMBERの商品とMIDTIDE Kamakura店が掲載されています。

Cal vol.3 2015年 05月号掲載[MAGIC NUMBER PRESS]

Cotton Twill x Original Pattern Reversible Bucket Hat

Cotton Twill x Original Pattern Reversible Bucket Hat-3062_Native.jpg


Color:Navy x Yacht / Grey x Bird / D.Green x Paisley / Off White x Native


Bucket Hat that has been exclusively made by Yoshida caps known for its high quality. Depending on the mood and the style, this can be happily used in different ways and has the original pattern of this season and can be used reversible. A basic item that can be applied to various styles.

クオリティの高さには定評のあるYOSHIDA CAPS作のバケットハット。今季のオリジナルパターンと無地のリバーシブルになっており、気分やスタイルによって使い分けが出来るのも嬉しい。色々なスタイルに応用の聞くベーシックなアイテム。

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Chambray x Original Pattern BD L/S Shirts Wash

起毛感のある質感の高いシャンブレーを使用したボタンダウンシャツ。ポケットが特徴的。『Chambray x Original Pattern BD L/S Shirts Wash』MAGIC NUMBER 最新ITEM_LtBlue


Color:Lt.Blue / Indigo / Beige / Black


Button down shirt that uses the expensive chambray of quality fluffy feeling. There are double pockets and the lower pocket has this season's original pattern becoming the eye catching point. Finished up in the washed appearance giving it a suitable and proficient producing.


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Tri-blend Pocket V-Tee

Tri-blend Pocket V-Tee-15SS-3028_g


Color:H.Orange / H.Green / H.Blue


V neck T-shirt that uses the Tri-blend material having attractive soft and fluffy feeling. This one piece emphasizes on the soft color and its simplicity to give the feeling of spring. The point is the particular given to the pocket design despite of its simplicity.


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Original Pattern Easy Shorts

Original Pattern Easy Shorts-3052_Native.jpg


Color:Yacht / Bird / Paisley / Native


The easy shorts that has been proudly popular with Magic Number has rare silhouette and stable length. Very rare and prefect texture which has neither very thick or nor very thin fabric. Must be given attention to the finishing of the print portion with familiar feel of material with the addition of the washed processing.

絶妙なシルエットとレングスで安定した人気を誇るMAGIC NIUMBERのイージーショーツ。厚過ぎず薄過ぎない丁度良い生地感が絶妙。ウォッシュ加工を施してありプリント部分が馴染んだ質感に仕上げてあるのも注目してほしい。

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