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Functional Material [MAGIC NUMBER 15SS TOPICS #03]

ストレッチ素材のシャツ/ボトムスを多数ラインナップ。MAGIC NUMBERらしい着心地に拘った

Functional collection: The quick dry and stretch fabric series sees a multitude of tops and bottoms in this
season line up finished in typical Magic Number look and feel.

Functional Material [MAGIC NUMBER 15SS TOPICS #03]

Quick-dry Border Knit Crew Neck

Quick-dry Border Knit Crew Neck_Navy


Color:Lt. Navy / Ch. Black


High Gauge Knit that uses original thread of moisture absorbing quick dry functionality. Attractive with its different taste of texture as compared to Cut and Sewn. It gives a classical feeling somewhere with its knitted border of original pattern.


Quick-dry Border Knit Crew Neck_Black

Quick-dry BD Polo

Quick-dry BD Polo_w2


Color:Whte / OX Grey / Navy / Black


Button down Polo shirt arranged in matching body color of this season's original pattern. Of course, the functionality has not been ignored and has applied on dry function of moisture absorbing quick dry is being applied. MAGIC NUMBER-like item with basic silhouette that requires no selection and button down with classical details.

今季のオリジナルパターンをボディーカラーに合わせてあしらった、ボタンダウンのポロシャツ。勿論吸湿速乾のドライ機能を採用し、機能面も抜かりは無し。合わせる物を選ばないベーシックなシルエットとクラシカルなディティールのボタンダウンでMAGIC NUMBERらしいアイテムに。

Quick-dry BD Polo_w

Quick-dry BD Polo_bl

Quick-dry BD Polo_n

Quick-dry Solid Rib Beanie

Quick-dry Solid Rib Beanie_DRed


Color:D.Red / Lt. Navy / Ch.Black / Grey / Off White

SIZE:One Size

A simple solid colored Beanie is a standard line of MAGIC NUMBER. Recommended for this season as an accent of style. This season it has been revised on its functionality with addition of moisture absorbing quick dry fabric. Compact silhouette is an all-purpose item not needing to choose the combination.

MAGIC NUMBER定番のシンプルなソリッドカラーのビーニー。スタイルのアクセントとなるビーニーは今季もオススメ。今季は機能面も見直され、吸湿速乾の素材をプラス。コンパクトなシルエットは合わせる物を選ばない万能アイテム。

Quick-dry Solid Rib Beanie_Grey

Quick-dry Solid Rib Beanie_Ivory

Quick-dry Solid Rib Beanie_Navy

Quick-dry Solid Rib Beanie_ChBlack

Stretch Hybrid Trunks Border

Stretch Hybrid Trunks Border_Olive


Color:Olive / Black / Navy / Beige


MAGIC NUMBER-like trunks printed a wide difference in the border gives leisurely feel. When worn, the pant part where there is stress, is being used with stretchy material as until now and the waist part oppositely does not have the elasticity material that heightens the fitness. The key loop in the front etc, recommended to be used in the cities too.

段違いにボーダーをプリントしたさり気ない遊び心がMAGIC NUMBERらしいトランクス。着用時にストレスがかかるパンツ部分は今まで通りストレッチ素材を使用し、ウエストのパーツは逆に伸縮性の無い素材を使用する事でフィット感を高めている。フロントのキーループなど、街での使用もオススメ。

Stretch Hybrid Trunks Border_Beige

Stretch Hybrid Trunks Border_Beige_B

Stretch Hybrid Trunks Border_Black

Stretch Hybrid Trunks Border_Navy


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