"Since it's establishment in the spring of 2008, Magic Number continues to captivate audiences with it's unique design. Inspired by the international urban lifestyle where diverse cultures and creativity continuously give form to new ideas, blended with the bliss of Japan's country side and the beauty of mother nature; the end result is world-class quality product and design. Magic Number has successfully transmitted this original taste and alternative lifestyle from Japan to the rest of the world."
Director Ryu Nakamura



MAGICNUMBER consists of the following four lines.

Standard Line

MAGICNUMBER Srandard line MAGICNUMBERの中軸となるライン。様々なライフスタイル、シチュエーションにフィットするスタンダードなアイテムをベースに、MagicNumber独自のフィルターを通すことで、ひねりの効いた新鮮なテイストに仕上げている。ボーダーレス、ジャンルレス、エイジレスな、まさに今を生きる人々のための現代版ネオベーシック。

As the core line of Magic Number, Standard Line transforms versatile and standard items into fresh and edgy styles by adding MAGICNUMBER’s original taste. Being borderless, genreless, and ageless, Magic Number Standard Line provides the neo-basic for modern people.

Radical 50/50


Radical 50/50 embodies on the simple and authentic clothing in various ways subculture elements behind the establishment of MAGICNUMBER. This adventurous line provides high-quality items that reflect bold but sensitive techniques of Japanese producers on the entire process choosing material, creating patterns, sawing and finishing.

Connected Connection


Since its establishment, MAGICNUMBER has expressed by Connected Connection line friendship with fellows who are active in various fields around the world, from globally renowned brands to hard-core domestic brands. This line has been providing season-limited collections that demonstrate the latest trend of the time.

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